IDSlot, Online identity management system

IDSlot is an open source online identity management system written in PHP and distributed under the Open Software License.

IDSlot is a set of methods for generating a distinguished Web presence of a person on the internet. That presence consist of some kind of content that refers to the person/identity, including about, portfolio, (social) links, contact information and resume as default plugins. It's customizable and theme-able.

Use IDSlot to present everything about you, any information such as your identity, photos, resume, skills, links, contact information, location map, ...

You can create your portfolio or virtual business card using IDSlot. it's open source and free.

IDSlot 1.0.2 released

The new version IDSlot 1.0.2 has been released. This update resolves some minor issues.


  • Upgrade editor (TinyMCE).
  • Upgrade HTML Purifier.
  • Small fixes.

Please make a backup from your installed version before upgrade (How to upgrade IDSlot).

Download IDSlot 1.0.2

IDSlot localization

IDSlot had its request to join and outsource access to the OpenTranslators project hub approved. You can find more information about it here in Transifex.


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Who are you?

Describe yourself

Present your portfolio and photos

Share your social links and other links

Announce your contact informations

Build your resume with Resume builder


Simple and User friendly

Template (theme) system

Multilingual support

Customizable for developers

Free and Open Source

Get started

You should have a web host which meet the IDSlot minimum requirements. then:

1. Download IDSlot

2. Read the documentation

3. Install your IDSlot